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Leah Schroeder



It is my great honour to connect with and serve others using various forms of healing.  I offer a holistic approach to supporting body, mind and spirit, creating balance and space for your transformation and awakening to your Divine Self.

It is a gift to have the opportunity to assist in this way.  I am grateful and honoured to be able to support you on your journey.

 The name Lifeforce came to me many years ago. At the time, I was experiencing my own health challenges, it was an acknowledgement of the many people surrounding me that supported and assisted in my own healing journey. It has also come to represent recognition of our connection to and access to universal life force energy also referred to as Chi or Ki in Reiki, to assist with healing. It is our connection to Creator and to the Earth.

We each have within us the capacity to heal ourselves. We have the ability to tap into the universal life energy, that Divine Presence that surrounds us and is part of us, to help heal our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual illnesses.  Illness is really an indication of imbalance, so it is about bringing us back to a place of balance on all levels.

There is a growing awareness and interest in traditional or ancient healing techniques. Modern medicine is now realizing that a person can greatly benefit from using holistic healing methods in order to achieve optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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