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Whether in-person or online, I create a safe, relaxing, nurturing environment.  For in-person sessions, I am located in Ladysmith, BC. 

My regular practice is to combine different aspects of each of the modalities I am trained in and offer intuitively what I feel guided to specific for the individual I am working with and what is needed for that particular session.  Every session is a new experience.

At the very least, a client leaves feeling relaxed, calm, peaceful and loved.  This state of being creates space for self-healing of whatever you are focused on healing or shifting in your life.  Bringing the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being into balance supports physical healing.  

I am not the healer.  I am the facilitator, supporting and empowering you to heal yourself.

Session Rate $115 for in-person and $95 for online/distance



Our Services

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