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"I took the Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki I & II online workshop with Leah Schroeder. Not knowing too much about what I was heading into I decided to take a couple treatments. As I reflected back on my session with Leah I was pretty amazed at the out come, this event has left me wanting more, more knowledge, more sessions, and eventually wanting to practice the process for myself.


I have a very busy schedule between work and my home life and Leah was great about working around this with me.  I want to express how much I enjoyed my time participating in this online course, and how much I have learnt, how much more there is still to learn in this wonderful experience of Reiki Healing.  Leah is patient, kind, and easy to talk too. The experiences I went through in our practices for me are so unique and personal in a positive way that you would really have to embark on a journey of your own to truly understand. It’s been more than a month since I took my course now and as I continue to practice I am growing and learning more about myself. This has truly been one of the best experiences for me, I am looking forward to the next level in myself and with Leah guiding and teaching me through this life changing experience."

- Pam M.



"Leah is an incredible healer and teacher. I have taken her Reiki classes from level 1 to Reiki Master. She is very patient, kind and respectful. She takes the time to ensure everyone in the class has a clear understanding of the course material. She never judges anyone and encourages her students to grow to their fullest potential. She has inspired me to start my own Reiki practice and continues to encourage my spiritual growth. I would highly recommend Leah's classes to anyone who is looking to either expand their current practice or start their own healing journey. She is very dedicated to Reiki energy and the power it has to transform people's lives for the better."

- Nicole L.


"Leah is an intuitively gifted, powerful healer.  She brings a higher consciousness, and connection to higher realms, into her healing art that not only brings physical healing and wellness but shifts long-held emotions and belief systems.  I experienced being profoundly enveloped in unconditional Divine Love.  Too beautiful for words." 

– Tammy S.


"Coming from a medical/ Rehab perspective I was both simultaneously awed and intimidated by energy work. Despite this I was drawn to Reiki and Leah. It was something I needed to experience.
Leah over the course of this 2 day Usui/Holy Fire III (Reiki) Workshop helped develop in me a sense of trust. Trust both in her as well as the process I was participating in.
I left with a sense of connectedness; being a part of a bigger picture. My heart felt lighter and open to possibilities. A wonderful experience. Thanks again Leah."

                 - Elfriede F.

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